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Canberra Music Tuition provides quality music tuition programs in schools!

Diversify your arts program by providing the option of instrumental tuition to your students either during or after school.

·     Individual or group tuition available

·     We run ensembles! String ensemble, guitar ensemble or school band!

·     All mainstream instruments available

·     Hire instruments also available

·     Teachers properly vetted

·     NO administrative work required by the school

·     Times and days to suit YOUR program

·     Existing and long lasting programs already running in many schools, such as Canberra High School and St Matthew’s primary

Why choose CMT?

Canberra Music Tuition provides specialist teachers who are highly skilled at their instruments, and provides a specialist teacher for each instrument. This is unlike other band programs, many of which provide one teacher to cover a large range of instruments.

Lessons are on an INDIVIDUAL basis, not group tuition (unless organised!), so students get the attention that they deserve.

Our teachers are experienced in both teaching and music, and are properly vetted with the right credentials.

CMT includes the option of piano and guitar, along with all other mainstream instruments. Many other programs will limit the options to 5 wind/brass instruments.

There is NO administrative input required by the school, so your resources will not be affected.

Why offer a music program?

On the surface it may seem that the only reason to include a music program is to offer a larger variety of experiences to the students. Although that is reason enough, there is more...

For the students

Music students usually display elevated abilities in language and reasoning
Learning music improves and develops spatial intelligence
Fosters creative thinking and therefore problem solving
Develops teamwork skills and discipline
The experience of music performance can conquer early tendencies towards anxiety and improves public speaking and performance activities
Lessons are CHEAPER for students through our in-school program than they are off school premises.

For the school

Adding a music program looks GREAT to prospective students 
Provides a creative outlet to balance hardworking academic units
Attract students who excel in all areas (including music!)
Look at developing an ensemble to represent your school: the school band, choir or string ensemble will be a valuable addition to the end of year assembly, Christmas concert or graduation ceremony. Not only will it back up the branding of your school, but it will give music students purpose and a place in the school community.

What's the cost?

More good news! There's no cost for the school, and students pay a discounted term-by-term rate, which is cheaper than seeking tuition outside of the school environment.

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